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Gene Review

VNN1  -  vanin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HDLCQ8, Pantetheinase, Pantetheine hydrolase, Tiff66, Vanin-1, ...
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Disease relevance of VNN1


High impact information on VNN1


Biological context of VNN1

  • The results indicate that the active site of pantetheine hydrolase is labile and unfolds under conditions in which no global tertiary structure modifications can be observed [3].

Anatomical context of VNN1

  • We report here the identification of two distinct human cDNAs, called VNN1 and VNN2, related to the recently described mouse Vanin-1 molecule involved in lymphocyte migration (M. Aurrand-Lions et al., 1996, Immunity 5: 391-405) [4].

Associations of VNN1 with chemical compounds

  • The effect of many thiol reagents and disulfides on pantetheinase (E.C. 3.5.1.-; pantetheine hydrolase) was studied in the presence or absence of S-pantetheine-3-pyruvate as substrate [5].


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