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Gene Review

ECs3286  -  cysteine synthase A

Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai

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Disease relevance of ECs3286


High impact information on ECs3286

  • In contrast to O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase A, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase B is preferentially used for cysteine biosynthesis during anaerobic growth and is able to utilize thiosulfate as a substrate [3].
  • These 12 conserved Lys residues in a cDNA clone encoding spinach cysteine synthase A were replaced with Gly by oligonucleotide-directed in vitro mutagenesis [4].
  • The molecular phylogenetic tree of the amino acid sequences of CSases from plants and bacteria suggested that there are three families in the CSase superfamily; the plant CSase A family, the plant CSase B family and the bacterial CSase family [5].
  • The induced proteins due to the addition of TOM-Green, IsoILR1, and GSHI were involved in the oxidative defense mechanism, pyruvate metabolism, and glutathione synthesis (e.g., 30S ribosomal subunit proteins S3 and S16, 50S ribosomal subunit protein L20, alkyl hydroperoxide reductase, lactate dehydrogenase, acetate kinase, cysteine synthase A) [6].
  • In the first method (method A), recombinant cells that express wild-type SAT, OASS-A, acetate kinase (AK), and phosphotransacetylase (PTA) showed the highest beta-PA production. beta-PA was produced at 140 mM from 200 mM L-serine and 200 mM pyrazole under optimum conditions [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of ECs3286

  • The cysK gene encoding a cysteine synthase of Geobacillus stearothermophilus V was overexpressed in E. coli and the recombinant protein was purified and characterized [8].

Associations of ECs3286 with chemical compounds


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