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Gene Review

rne  -  endoribonuclease; RNA-binding protein;RNA...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1069, JW1071, ams, hmp1, smbB
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Disease relevance of rne

  • Stabilization of discrete mRNA breakdown products in ams pnp rnb multiple mutants of Escherichia coli K-12 [1].
  • A 16 kb transcript of the ams region, which is essential for biosynthesis of amylovoran, the acidic exopolysaccharide of Erwinia amylovora, was detected by Northern hybridization analysis [2].
  • The temperature-sensitive defects of both these strains are complemented by a recombinant lambda phage containing a genomic segment that carries the putative ams locus [3].

High impact information on rne

  • Highly purified RNAase E correctly processed E. coli 5S ribosomal RNA, bacteriophage T4 gene 32 mRNA and E. coli ompA mRNA at sites known to depend on the rne gene for cleavage in vivo [4].
  • The relationship between RNase K and the ams locus might point to a more general role of RNase K in mRNA degradation [5].
  • In vivo both activities are affected by a conditional mutation of the ams/rne gene that seems to be complemented at nonpermissive temperatures by a fragment of the groEL gene [6].
  • The product of the ams/rne/hmp1 gene, which is required for RNase E activity, was overexpressed, purified to near homogeneity by electroelution from an SDS/polyacrylamide gel, and renatured [7].
  • Here, we show that the half-lives of both the pnp and rne transcripts are dependent on the intracellular level of polyadenylated transcripts [8].

Biological context of rne

  • The translated product of the rne gene migrates in SDS containing polyacrylamide gels as a 110,000 Da polypeptide, but the open reading frame found in the sequenced DNA indicates a much smaller protein [9].
  • We have sequenced a 3.2 kb EcoRI-BamHI fragment encoding the rne gene, and identified its reading frame [9].
  • Low copy number or single copy number vectors carrying rne transcribed from either p1, p2 or p3 alone complement the rne 1018::bla deletion mutation at 30 degrees C, 37 degrees C and 44 degrees C. However, normal autoregulation requires the presence of all three promoters [10].
  • The results clearly indicated that the S. coelicolor RNase ES can partially abrogate either the rng::cat or rne-1 mutation, as measured by the ability to suppress the several aberrant phenotypes resulting from the rng or rne mutation [11].
  • The hmp1 gene is in fact identical to ams (abnormal mRNA stability), also designated rne (RnaseE), and reported to have an ORF of 91 kDa [12].

Anatomical context of rne

  • Analysis of interplay between translation mutations and rne function, together with the above observations, suggests that translation stabilizes messages in a general way against rne-dependent endonucleolytic cleavage, and that significant protection may be conferred by one or a few ribosomes [13].

Associations of rne with chemical compounds

  • The entity that migrates as a 110,000 Da contains RNA, which could account, at least partially, for the migration of the rne gene product in SDS containing polyacrylamide gels [9].


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