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Gene Review

opuCA  -  glycine/betaine ABC transporter ATP...

Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e

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Disease relevance of opuCA

  • Sigma(B)-dependent expression patterns of compatible solute transporter genes opuCA and lmo1421 and the conjugated bile salt hydrolase gene bsh in Listeria monocytogenes [1].

High impact information on opuCA

  • RsbT, RsbV, and sigmaB were all required for opuCA expression during growth under carbon-limiting conditions or following exposure to pH 4.5, salt, ethanol, or the protonophore carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP) [2].
  • The osmotic induction of opuCA and lmo1421 was found to be strongly sigma(B) dependent [3].
  • As inlA, bsh and opuCA are critical for gastrointestinal infections in animal models, the data also suggest that sigma(B) contributes to the ability of L. monocytogenes to cause foodborne infections [4].
  • In conjunction with recent findings that indicate a role for opuCA and bsh in L. monocytogenes virulence, the data presented here provide further evidence of specific sigma(B)-mediated contributions to both environmental stress resistance and intra-host survival in L. monocytogenes [1].
  • The mutant's expression of two betaine transporter genes, betL and gbuB, and the carnitine transporter gene opuCA, was osmotically induced at a level similar to EGD, and its rate of carnitine uptake was similar to that of EGD [5].

Associations of opuCA with chemical compounds

  • These results suggest that the growth defect from the rpoN mutant is caused not by the transcriptional regulation of opuCA or by a decrease in carnitine uptake, but possibly by larger amounts of carnitine being needed for growth of the mutant in minimal medium when NaCl is present [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of opuCA

  • RT-PCR confirmed growth-phase-dependent expression of opuCA, with highest levels of expression in stationary-phase cells [1].


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