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Voice Quality

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High impact information on Voice Quality

  • Mean scores for voice tremor and voice quality did not differ for placebo or propranolol [1].
  • Deterioration of voice quality occurred in 2/12 asthmatic men and in 3/9 asthmatic women within 5 min after histamine inhalation; no change was observed between 5 and 15 min [2].
  • In both adults and children with mild-to-severe RRP, intralesional administration of cidofovir directly into the site of papillomata was associated with partial-to-complete regression of papillomata, improvement in voice quality and airway status, and decreased need for surgery [3].
  • This advantage of the GNE over NNE and CHNR, as well as its general applicability in voice quality assessment, is now tested for real speech using a large group of pathologic voices (n = 447) [4].
  • We investigated the effects of laryngeal deafferentation (sectioning the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve (ISLN)) on respiration and voice quality during electrically-induced vocalization in twelve ketamine anesthetized cats [5].

Associations of Voice Quality with chemical compounds

  • Analysing the irregularities of frequencies in a) free speech b) a reading passage and c) singing 'Happy Birthday', substantial changes were seen to authenticate the fact that caffeine does produce alterations in voice quality but these alterations have considerable intra-subject variability [6].
  • Administration of replacement testosterone resulted in significant vocal register and voice quality changes [7].
  • We report a case of a 47-year-old man with an above-average fundamental frequency and a thin voice quality in the absence of any signs of androgen insufficiency [8].
  • Use of levodopa to replenish dopamine concentrations in the striatum seems to improve articulation, voice quality, and pitch variation, although some studies show no change in phonatory parameters [9].

Gene context of Voice Quality

  • The THY group had significantly better voice quality and better quantitative aerodynamic findings compared to the TEF group [10].
  • Voice quality after carbon dioxide laser and conventional surgery for T1A glottic carcinoma [11].
  • The subjects had a DSI score that corresponds with a normal or slightly impaired voice quality [12].
  • CONCLUSION: Large mucosal defects including the anterior commissure should be relined to acquire good voice quality [13].
  • A Kay Elemetrics DSP Sona-Graph, model 5500, was used to analyze a complex vocal figure of five consecutive voice qualities, three of which were nasal, and two, oral [14].


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