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Chemical Compound Review

Cidofovir     [(2S)-1-(4-amino-2-oxo- pyrimidin-1-yl)-3...

Synonyms: Forvade, Vistide, Cidofovirum, HPMPC, CHEMBL152, ...
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Disease relevance of Cidofovir


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Chemical compound and disease context of Cidofovir


Biological context of Cidofovir


Anatomical context of Cidofovir


Associations of Cidofovir with other chemical compounds

  • Resistance to foscarnet and cidofovir is associated with mutations in the viral DNA polymerase [20].
  • Amino acid substitutions located in UL54 conserved region IV (N408D, F412C, and F412V), region V (A987G), and delta-region C (L501I, K513E, P522S, and L545S) conferred various levels of resistance to cidofovir and ganciclovir [21].
  • Mutations within DNA Pol conserved regions II (A719T and S724N), VI (L778M, D780N, and L782I), and I (F891C) were shown to induce cross-resistance to ACV, FOS, and ADV, with two of these mutations (S724N and L778M) also conferring significant reduction in CDV susceptibility [22].
  • Importantly, both hOAT1 and rat renal organic anion transporter 1 (rROAT1) mediated saturable, probenecid-sensitive uptake of cidofovir, adefovir, and other nucleoside phosphonate antivirals [23].
  • At higher cidofovir doses, probenecid appeared to block tubular secretion of cidofovir and reduce its renal clearance to a level approaching glomerular filtration [24].

Gene context of Cidofovir


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cidofovir


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