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Cricoid Cartilage

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Disease relevance of Cricoid Cartilage


High impact information on Cricoid Cartilage


Biological context of Cricoid Cartilage

  • The PCA muscle is easily reached by inserting a needle electrode through the cricothyroid membrane at the midline and penetrating the lamina of the cricoid cartilage in the subglottic cavity [8].

Anatomical context of Cricoid Cartilage

  • The 12 subglottises were divided into 3 individual groups: + + +, - + +, and - - -. Group + + + had all tissue layers of the subglottis intact: luminal epithelium, cricoid cartilage, inner and outer perichondrium [9].

Associations of Cricoid Cartilage with chemical compounds

  • The results demonstrate that cricotracheal resection in this animal model does not interrupt cricoid luminal area or cricoid cartilage growth, and provides rationale for further investigation of cricoid resection with primary anastomosis in humans [10].

Gene context of Cricoid Cartilage


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