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Cost of Illness

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Disease relevance of Cost of Illness


Psychiatry related information on Cost of Illness

  • AIMS: To determine the effect of integrated treatment v. standard treatment on subjective burden of illness, expressed emotion (EE), knowledge of illness and satisfaction with treatment in key relatives of patients with a first episode of schizophrenia-spectrum disorder [3].

High impact information on Cost of Illness

  • There is growing interest in the social aspects of CD because the burden of illness related to this condition is doubtless higher than previously thought [4].
  • A cost of illness study of allergic rhinitis in the United States [5].
  • Direct cost of medical management of epilepsy among adults in Italy: a prospective cost-of-illness study (EPICOS) [6].
  • Baseline and total annual disease costs for RA (n = 253), OA and HBP (n = 191), OA (n = 140), and HBP (n = 142), respectively, were $9300, $4900, $5700, and US$3900 [7].
  • OBJECTIVE: To summarize the state of knowledge with regard to the economic impact of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and to highlight any weaknesses in the work conducted to date, so as to inform future RA cost-of-illness studies [8].

Biological context of Cost of Illness


Associations of Cost of Illness with chemical compounds

  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to estimate the total medical expenditures attributable to physical inactivity patterns among members of a large health plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. METHODS: The study used a cost-of-illness approach to attribute medical and pharmacy costs for specific diseases to physical inactivity in 2000 [10].
  • Age, burden of illness, psychotropic co-medication and continuation of lamotrigine therapy were related to active consent [11].
  • Experts ranked in descending order alcohol, tobacco, narcotic agents, prescribed drugs, cocaine, volatile substances, over-the-counter drugs and then cannabis to have the greatest burden of illness [12].
  • After obtaining the cost-of-illness data needed for this analysis from a recent study conducted in the UK, we completed our incremental cost-utility analysis, in which mesalazine was compared with no maintenance treatment, using 2 hypothetical groups of 100 patients [13].
  • Two pharmacotherapies recently introduced in Australia, acamprosate and naltrexone, provide a major advance in the treatment of severe alcohol dependence, a common condition leading to a considerable burden of illness and major costs to the community [14].

Gene context of Cost of Illness

  • CONCLUSION: Patients with PsA seen in rheumatologic care have a burden of illness comparable to that of patients with RA or AS [15].
  • CONCLUSIONS: COPD causes a large societal burden of illness that is expected to increase [16].
  • Thus, the burden of illness associated with ADHD is high for affected individuals, their families, and society at large [17].
  • For the most part, the magnitude of these relationships between our predictor model variables and illness burden severity was similar in the MDD and non-MDD subgroups [18].
  • The estimated cost of MS in the county in 1991 was 48.2 million NOK (approximately 7.531.250 US $) based on the cost-of-illness methodology [19].


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