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Specialties, Surgical

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  • BACKGROUND: Immunoassays are used in almost all medical and surgical specialties, but they suffer from interference from proteins such as antibodies in some patients' sera [1].
  • Eighty percent of rheumatology believe steroid usage decreases the yield of TA Bx, compared to 62% of surgical specialties (p = 0.04) [2].
  • Intensive care units and surgical specialties had more frequent MRSA cases [3].
  • SETTING: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a 1,000-bed, tertiary-care hospital affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri. PARTICIPANTS: OR personnel in four surgical specialties (gynecologic, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, and general) [4].
  • Cefotetan has been studied in different surgical specialties in prophylaxis and treatment of postoperative infections for its particularly broad spectrum of activity, covering both aerobic and anaerobic organisms, and for the very low incidence of side-effects [5].

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