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Waiting Lists

 Llovet,  Mas,  Aponte,  Fuster,  Navasa,  Christensen,  Rodés,  Bruix,  Häkkinen,  Neva,  Kauppi,  Hannonen,  Ylinen,  Mäkinen,  Jäppinen,  Sokka,  Everson,  Oton-Nieto,  Barcena-Marugan,  Carrera-Alonso,  Blesa-Radigales,  Garcia-Gonzalez,  Nuño,  Plaza-Palacios,  Garcia-Plaza,  Brandsaeter,  Broomé,  Isoniemi,  Friman,  Hansen,  Schrumpf,  Oksanen,  Ericzon,  Höckerstedt,  Mäkisalo,  Olsson,  Olausson,  Kirkegaard,  Bjøro,  Furmark,  Tillfors,  Marteinsdottir,  Fischer,  Pissiota,  Långström,  Fredrikson,  Böhringer,  Reinhard,  Duquesnoy,  Böhringer,  Enczmann,  Lange,  Claas,  Sundmacher,  Schwartz,  Zand,  Bose,  Vo,  Coppage,  Pellegrin,  Arend,  Lee,  Bozorgzadeh,  Leong,  Azeka,  Franchini Ramires,  Valler,  Alcides Bocchi,  Button,  Roberts,  Kotsimbos,  Levvey,  Williams,  Bailey,  Snell,  Wilson,  Pereira,  Natov,  Bouthot,  Murthy,  Ruthazer,  Schmid,  Levey,  West,  Pollock-Barziv,  Dipchand,  Lee,  Cardella,  Benson,  Rebeyka,  Coles,  van Minnen,  Hoogduin,  Keijsers,  Hellenbrand,  Hendriks,  Schwartz,  Highfield,  Jaffe,  Brady,  Butler,  Rouse,  Callaman,  O'Grady,  Battjes,  Böhringer,  Reinhard,  Böhringer,  Enczmann,  Godehard,  Sundmacher,  Emery,  Schein,  Hauck,  MacIntyre,  Abbott,  Hypolite,  Agodoa,  Sauer,  Kraus,  Schemmer,  Mehrabi,  Stremmel,  Buechler,  Encke,  Bolondi,  Piscaglia,  Camaggi,  Grazi,  Cavallari,  Myles,  Leslie,  Angliss,  Mezzavia,  Lee,  
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Disease relevance of Waiting Lists


Psychiatry related information on Waiting Lists


High impact information on Waiting Lists

  • Because of the use of ABO-incompatible donors, the mortality rate among infants on the waiting list declined from 58 percent to 7 percent [11].
  • Patients with 1 HCC nodule </=5 cm in diameter, or 2-3 nodules </=3cm, receive United Network Organ Sharing priority; nevertheless, dropout from the waiting list is common [12].
  • OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of interim methadone maintenance with that of the usual waiting list condition in facilitating methadone treatment entry and reducing heroin and cocaine use and criminal behavior [13].
  • RESULTS: Symptoms improved significantly and roughly equally with citalopram and cognitive-behavioral therapy, whereas the waiting-list group remained unchanged [14].
  • Delisting of infants and children from the heart transplantation waiting list after carvedilol treatment [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Waiting Lists


Biological context of Waiting Lists


Anatomical context of Waiting Lists

  • Monocyte cytotoxic crossmatches were performed on the sera of all 164 patients on the Victorian transplant waiting list in order to determine the incidence of antimonocyte antibodies and to assess if prospective screening for these antibodies would be justified [25].
  • We further analyzed T- and B-cell responses in 14 patients on the renal transplant waiting list, finding that those with an elevated panel reactive antibody (PRA) (>60%) had higher alloreactive T-cell precursor frequencies as measured by CDFSE MLR and IFN-gamma ELISPOT [26].

Associations of Waiting Lists with chemical compounds

  • RESULTS: Significantly more participants assigned to the interim methadone maintenance condition entered comprehensive methadone maintenance treatment by the 120th day from baseline (75.9%) than those assigned to the waiting list control condition (20.8%) (P<.001) [13].
  • Dropout from the waiting list is common and several methods, including percutaneous ethanol injection, radiofrequency ablation, and chemoembolization, are used to prevent tumor progression and thus prevent dropout [27].
  • Fewer patients receiving MMT retained a spot on the transplant waiting list (65%) than patients not receiving MMT (80%); 30% of patients receiving MMT pretransplant used heroin, cocaine, or marijuana, and more than 25% were lost to follow-up [28].
  • Review article: liver transplantation for HCC. Treatment options on the waiting list [29].
  • In patients listed for LT before initiation of prostacyclin therapy, 55% (12/22) were removed from the active waiting list for 27.2+/-17 months (range 8 to 60), and 92% (11/12) remain on the inactive status [30].

Gene context of Waiting Lists

  • Reduction of time on the waiting list as compared to conventional HLA-A and HLA-B matching was predicted individually [31].
  • For a waiting-list group of nine children with ADHD, the same testing was applied [32].
  • Application of a continuous disease severity score to the OPTN liver waiting list [33].
  • Adults with CF on the waiting list and after LTx were prospectively recruited [34].
  • This study examined the effect of exercise and education on 79 older adults (M age = 66.6 +/- 6.5 years; 53% female) with COPD, randomly assigned to 10 weeks of (a) exercise, education, and stress management (EXESM; n = 29); (b) education and stress management (ESM; n = 25); or (c) waiting list (WL; n = 25) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Waiting Lists


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