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High impact information on Bedbugs

  • We have isolated and characterized the cDNA encoding a Ca(2+)-dependent nucleoside diphosphatase (EC ) related to two secreted ATP- and ADP-hydrolyzing apyrases of the bloodsucking insects, Cimex lectularius and Phlebotomus papatasi [1].
  • XAPY is highly homologous to two recently described mammalian apyrases, human SCAN-1 and rat Ca2+-NDPase, and to a lesser extent the salivary apyrase of the blood-feeding arthropod Cimex lectularis [2].
  • The study was undertaken to evaluate the impact of deltamethrin impregnated mosquito nets on malaria incidence, mosquito density, any adverse side effect among users and collateral effects on bed bugs and houseflies [3].
  • Using a newly devised test-kit, susceptibility tests of bedbugs Cimex hemipterus (Fabricius) from five of these villages showed that there is resistance to permethrin and alphacypermethrin in bedbugs from each of the villages, in contrast to those from five villages without treated nets [4].
  • Comparative activity of three repellents viz., diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET), diethyl phenyl-acetamide (DEPA) and dimethylphthalate (DMP) against bedbugs Cimex hemipterus (Fabr) was studied by applying repellent solution on the shaven skin of rabbits [5].

Associations of Bedbugs with chemical compounds


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