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Chemical Compound Review

Karate     [cyano-(3- phenoxyphenyl)methyl] (1R,3R)-3...

Synonyms: Icon, Cyhalothrin K, CCRIS 8987, PP 321, AC1O5JX6, ...
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Disease relevance of Cyhalothrin K


High impact information on Cyhalothrin K


Chemical compound and disease context of Cyhalothrin K


Biological context of Cyhalothrin K


Anatomical context of Cyhalothrin K


Associations of Cyhalothrin K with other chemical compounds

  • DDT and lambda-cyhalothrin treatment did not reduce the prevalence of malaria episodes as defined by fever (temperatures > or = 37.4 degrees C and/or fever reported) combined with high parasitaemia (> or = 100 parasites/200 leucocytes) [21].
  • Gas chromatography analyses of eight dislodgeable foliar residue (DFR) samples verified mean residues of lambda-cyhalothrin (0.43 +/- 0.10 microg/cm2), propargite (0.35 +/- 0.11 microg/cm2), and sulfur (0.31 +/- 0.28 microg/cm2) on the grape leaves [22].
  • Rate of degradation of lambda-cyhalothrin and methomyl in grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) [23].
  • After 48 h exposure there were only slight increases in mortalities of both species except for increased mortalities for the northern fowl mite with lambda cyhalothrin, amitraz and fenvalerate, and for the chicken mite with amitraz [24].
  • Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit and Blood Responses of Ammonia, Lactate and pH after Anaerobic Test: a Comparison between International and National Elite Karate Athletes [25].

Gene context of Cyhalothrin K

  • These selected larvae were shown to cross-resist to lambda-cyhalothrin as well as to DDT [26].
  • Icon was gavaged daily for 7 consecutive days in three different doses; 63, 83, or 125 mg/kg/day (active ingredient; lambda cyhalothrin; 6.3, 8.3, 12.5 mg/kg/day), respectively [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cyhalothrin K


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