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Vascular Neoplasms

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Disease relevance of Vascular Neoplasms


High impact information on Vascular Neoplasms

  • HCC is a highly vascular neoplasm usually arising in a cirrhotic liver [3].
  • We therefore examined a series of vascular neoplasms of both endothelial and pericyte derivation using polymerase chain reaction to detect a 233-hp segment of the viral DNA [4].
  • In order to verify the expression of estrogen receptors in vascular neoplasms as well as to clarify the inconsistency between radioligand and early immunohistochemical studies, we examined a series of 53 benign and malignant vascular neoplasms for ER beta expression [5].
  • The discrepancy between radioligand studies and previous immunohistochemical studies is attributable to the use of antibodies raised against ER alpha, which is not expressed in vascular lesions, and not ER beta, which is broadly expressed in both benign and malignant vascular neoplasms [5].
  • Utility of the immunohistochemical detection of FLI-1 expression in round cell and vascular neoplasm using a monoclonal antibody [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of Vascular Neoplasms

  • We performed immunohistochemical staining of conventional sections from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue from 59 benign and malignant vascular neoplasms using a polyclonal rabbit antiserum against FKBP12 [6].

Anatomical context of Vascular Neoplasms


Gene context of Vascular Neoplasms


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vascular Neoplasms

  • Hence, we use CD31 and type IV collagen in cases of presumed vascular neoplasms, adding other markers to the panel in accordance with the differential diagnosis, as well as in the recognition of compromised endothelia, such as in vascular invasion by various malignant neoplasms [11].


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