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Psychiatry related information on Exhibitionism

  • We treated a patient with Huntington's disease and exhibitionism using leuprolide acetate (Lupron Depot, TAP Pharmaceuticals), a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist [1].
  • A correlational analysis of the 7-factor components of the NPI (Authority, Exhibitionism, Superiority, Vanity, Exploitativeness, Entitlement, and Self-Sufficiency) and the MMPI validity, clinical, commonly scored, and content scales suggests that the seven NPI components reflect different levels of psychological maladjustment [2].
  • Using principal-components analysis, we analyzed the tetrachoric correlations among the NPI item responses and found evidence for a general construct of narcissism as well as seven first-order components, identified as Authority, Exhibitionism, Superiority, Vanity, Exploitativeness, Entitlement, and Self-Sufficiency [3].

High impact information on Exhibitionism

  • Fluoxetine treatment of exhibitionism [4].
  • Effect of combined androgen blockade with an LHRH agonist and flutamide in one severe case of male exhibitionism [5].
  • Environmental factors included Confidence in Leadership, Impulse Control, Philosophical Attitudes, Intellectual Interest, and Exhibitionism [6].
  • The presence of exhibitionism in actively exhibitionistic strippers and passively exhibitionistic models was confirmed when it was discovered that 40 out of 43 subjects produced at least one exhibitionistic (EXH) response on the Hand Test, which purportedly measures behavior [7].
  • A paraphiliac with syndrome of exhibitionism has received treatment with the anti-androgenic hormone, Depo-Provera, for three years and is maintained on 350 mg, intramuscularly each week [8].


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