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Child Mortality

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Disease relevance of Child Mortality


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Associations of Child Mortality with chemical compounds

  • Adherence with permethrin-treated bed net (ITN) use and their proper deployment was directly observed in 2,178 individuals (784 households) participating in a large-scale trial of ITNs on child mortality in western Kenya. The ITNs were distributed free of charge to ensure high coverage, resulting in a ratio of 1.46 persons per ITN [7].

Gene context of Child Mortality

  • This paper uses data from the 1995/96 Mali DHS survey to examine the importance of a wide range of socioeconomic, behavioural and biodemographic factors in the determination of child mortality in Mali, with a special focus on maternal education and behaviour [8].
  • Infant and child mortality in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has steadily reduced since 1967, even though fertility has remained extremely high [9].


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