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Papio anubis

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High impact information on Papio anubis

  • In an ongoing study of endocrine function in wild olive baboons living freely in Kenya, sustained social stress was associated with suppressed testosterone (T) concentrations in males [1].
  • However, in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) and olive baboon (Papio anubis), a novel class Ia-related locus has been described [2].
  • Study subjects were a population of male olive baboons living freely in a national reserve in East Africa, which could be anesthetized under conditions allowing for determination of basal cortisol concentrations [3].
  • Cluster analysis revealed 4 genetically distinct groups, namely O. bifurcum from the Patas monkey (I), from the Mona monkey (II), from humans (III) and from the Olive baboon (IV) [4].
  • Similar testing of 155 sera from olive baboons of Ethiopia revealed no clearly positive sera [5].

Associations of Papio anubis with chemical compounds


Gene context of Papio anubis

  • Cluster analysis of the RAPD data (based on pairwise comparison of banding profiles) showed that O. bifurcum from humans was genetically distinct from O. bifurcum from the Mona and Patas monkeys, and from the Olive baboon [10].


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