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Parent-Child Relations

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  • The most striking result of our study was the inconspicuousness of IVF couples and their parent-child-relationship [10].
  • The Japanese Edition Cornell Medical Index-Health Questionnaire (JCMI) for evaluating emotional instability and the New TK Diagnostic Test for Parent-Child Relationship were also utilized [11].
  • The authors begin by pointing out that Freud always considered parent-child relations in terms of the child's psychic development and took little account of the parents' experience of the relationship and its psychic effects on them [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Parent-Child Relations

  • RESULTS: Compared with control groups, families with a child with epilepsy generally fare worse on the whole range of family factors, indicating lower parent-child relationship quality, more depression in mothers, and problems with family functioning [13].


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