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Sex Preselection

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High impact information on Sex Preselection


Associations of Sex Preselection with chemical compounds

  • This paper will examine the recent Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority public consultation on sex selection [6].
  • The recent report of the House of Commons' Select Committee on Science and Technology (House of Commons, 2005) states that the UK should carefully consider the impact of sex selection on other countries before an attempt is made to change or modify the legislation in UK [7].

Gene context of Sex Preselection

  • Sex preselection that is based on flow-cytometric measurement of sperm DNA content to enable sorting of X- from Y-chromosome-bearing sperm has proven reproducible at various locations and with many species at greater than 90% purity [8].
  • Two reasons are given: 1) Prima facie examination of any argument for sex selection cannot overcome the unfair and sexist basis of a choice to select the sex of a child [9].
  • In spite of the general impression that, at present, no reliable technique with clearly known probabilities of success and failure is available, this goal seems to be at close reach and sex selection of children will certainly become accessible in a not very remote future." (SUMMARY IN FRE AND ITA)[10]

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sex Preselection


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