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Crisis Intervention

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Disease relevance of Crisis Intervention


Psychiatry related information on Crisis Intervention

  • The Sacramento County Mental Health Services handled the change to community care by contracting with the School of Medicine of the University of California at Davis to provide the necessary leadership and service programs; a crisis intervention approach was used [2].

High impact information on Crisis Intervention


Chemical compound and disease context of Crisis Intervention

  • Data were gathered in the context of the Assaulted Staff Action Program, a crisis intervention program for staff victims [8].
  • An appropriate, rapid, crisis intervention could be achieved by continual surveillance of the world's situation by a Relief Coordination Center. A panel of experts could evaluate and coordinate the international disaster responses and make use of stored emergency material and emergency teams [9].
  • Prevention strategies applicable to the military community, including Crisis Intervention Command Consultations, will be recommended [10].

Gene context of Crisis Intervention


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