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Identification of ZFR, an ancient and highly conserved murine chromosome-associated zinc finger protein.

In a screen for RNA binding proteins expressed during murine spermatogenesis, we cloned a novel, ancient zinc finger protein possessing a region common to a small class of RNA binding proteins. Zfr (zinc finger RNA binding) encodes a protein of 1052 amino acids with three widely spaced Cys2His2 zinc fingers. Outside of the zinc fingers, ZFR shares a region that is highly conserved between several RNA binding proteins containing copies of the double-stranded RNA binding motif. By northern blotting, Zfr is expressed at highest levels within the testis, ovary and brain. Immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy were used to show that ZFR is highly expressed during meiosis I in males and females and is chromosome associated. Zfr is also expressed in Sertoli cells in the testis and granulosa cells in the ovary where it is localized to the nucleus. Using fluorescent in situ hybridization we mapped Zfr to chromosome 15 region A. ZFR appears to be an ancient protein, as apparent homologs exist in invertebrates (D. melanogaster) nematodes (C. elegans) and humans (H. sapiens).[1]


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