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Bombesin recovers gut-associated lymphoid tissue and preserves immunity to bacterial pneumonia in mice receiving total parenteral nutrition.

OBJECTIVE: To study the ability of bombesin (BBS) to recover gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and preserve immunity in a lethal model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Ps) pneumonia in mice receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN). SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: TPN causes depression of mucosal immunity compared with enterally fed animals, which may explain the increased incidence of pneumonia in parenterally fed trauma patients. BBS prevents this TPN-induced GALT atrophy, depressed gastrointestinal and respiratory tract IgA levels, and impaired antiviral IgA-mediated mucosal immunity. The authors examined whether some supplement could be added to TPN to avoid this GALT atrophy and lower the incidence of infectious complications in the parenterally fed animal. METHODS: Male mice were randomized to chow or intravenous (IV) TPN. After 5 days of IV TPN, mice received 0, 1, 2, or 3 days of BBS IV three times a day and then were killed to harvest Peyer's patch, intraepithelium, and lamina propria for cell yields. Gastrointestinal and respiratory tract IgA levels were analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Next, mice underwent intranasal inoculation with liposomes alone (nonimmune) or liposome-containing Ps polysaccharide. Ps immune mice were catheterized and randomized to chow, IV TPN, or IV TPN + BBS. The liposome group received chow but no IV catheter. These mice were given an LD90 dose of intratracheal Ps, and death rates were recorded. RESULTS: GALT and gastrointestinal and respiratory tract IgA levels improved to those in chow-fed mice after 3 days of BBS. Immunization reduced the death rate from 92% in chow-fed liposome-only animals to 20% in immunized animals. TPN-fed animals lost their mucosal immunity, with a death rate of 86% compared with 21% in the TPN + BBS group. CONCLUSION: The results demonstrate that BBS reverses TPN-induced changes in GALT and preserves mucosal immunity. Ps immunization reduces the death rate in a gram-negative pneumonia model and maintains gastrointestinal and respiratory immunity in Ps immune mice receiving IV TPN.[1]


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