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Immunity, Mucosal

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  • We show here that the development of chronic intestinal inflammation in IL-10-deficient mice requires the function of TNF, indicating that the IL-10/TNF axis regulates mucosal immunity [26].
  • The beneficial effect of arginine administration alone indicates a possible role of nitric oxide and polyamines in this process, and the lactobacilli may execute their action via the same mechanisms or via bacterial antagonism and/or enhancement of systemic and intestinal mucosal immunity [27].
  • We conclude that high oral doses of protein induce both mucosal and systemic unresponsiveness and that use of mucosal adjuvants that induce both parenteral and mucosal immunity may be a better way to assess oral tolerance [28].
  • Genetic immunization with lung-targeting macroaggregated polyethyleneimine-albumin conjugates elicits combined systemic and mucosal immune responses [29].
  • These data indicate that SIgA can interact with DC not via CD89, but via carbohydrate-recognizing receptors like mannose receptor and suggest that uptake of SIgA-containing immune complexes by immature DC may be a mechanism to modulate mucosal immune responses [30].

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