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The SCG10-related gene family in the developing rat retina: persistent expression of SCLIP and stathmin in mature ganglion cell layer.

Neuronal growth-associated proteins (GAPs), such as GAP-43 and SCG10, are thought to play crucial roles in both axonal and dendritic outgrowth during neural development and regeneration, although the underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown. The recent finding that SCG10 is a microtubule regulator and also the identification of RB3 and SCLIP as two new SCG10-related members prompted us to investigate the roles of SCG10-related family in neural development, using the retina as a model system. We determined the temporal expression and the spatial distribution of SCG10-related mRNAs in the developing rat retina. Semiquantitative analysis by RT-PCR revealed that in prenatal retina, levels of SCG10 and stathmin mRNAs were higher than those of RB3 and SCLIP. In the postnatal retina, the level of SCLIP increased, whereas the level of RB3 remained low. In situ hybridization revealed that GAP-43 and all of the SCG10-related family mRNAs were present in the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) at all stages of retinal development, and that stathmin mRNA was present in mitotic neuroblastic cells. Differential expression of SCG10 and other members of the family became more evident as retinal development proceeded; SCG10 and RB3 expression were relatively specific in the RGCs and amacrine cells, whereas SCLIP was also evident in bipolar and horizontal cells. Stathmin mRNA was highly expressed both in the RGCs and other interneurons. These results indicate that multiple SCG10-related proteins are expressed in single neurons including RGCs, and suggest that these nGAPs play similar but distinct roles in differentiation and functional maintenance of retinal neurons.[1]


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