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Treatment of imminent premature labour.

In this study, 194 imminent premature deliveries were treated. The pregnancies were in the 28th to 36th week. Uterine contractions were demonstrable in all patients and amniotic membranes were intact. All patients were treated with bedrest. Two betasympathomimetics were used in a double-blind study: Nyldrin hydrochloride (43 cases) and Isoxuprine hydrochloride (60 cases). A placebo was given to 41 patients, and ethyl alcohol to 50 patients. Intravenous and intramuscular treatment given in the hospital was continued with oral administration at home, and follow-up examinations were repeated at short intervals. Taking a minimum birth weight of 2500 g as the criteria of successful treatment, the success rate in the placebo group was 71%, in the Nylidrin hydrochloride group 86%, the Isoxuprine hydrochloride group 75% and the alcohol group 70%. When premature delivery was postponed 7 days, the pregnancy advanced., to the 37th week or later in 73, 77, 62 and 56% in their respective groups. The beta-sympathomimetics, especially the Nylidrin hydrochloride, were in every respect more efficient than placebo or alcohol. The therapeutic effect of alcohol was no better than that obtained with placebo. From the fetal point of view, the drugs used in the present study showed no adverse-effects.[1]


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