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Bed Rest

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Disease relevance of Bed Rest


Psychiatry related information on Bed Rest

  • Plasma for cortisol determination was obtained from 15 combat veterans with PTSD, 14 subjects with major depression, and 15 normal men every 30 min during a 24-hour period of bed rest [6].
  • These studies demonstrate that the limited physical activity dictated by bed rest for as little as seven days is associated with substantial resistance to insulin's effects on glucose metabolism [7].
  • Sera from a total of 31 pregnant women, including 16 of the bed-rest therapy group and 15 of the IDI therapy group, were collected at the 4th, 6th, and 8th gestational weeks and were measured for M-CSF levels, using the enzyme-linked immunoadsorbent assay (ELISA) method established by Hanamura et al [8].

High impact information on Bed Rest

  • With bed rest, the plasma hypoxanthine level returned to normal within a few hours, and the plasma urate concentration decreased from 18.6 to 10.6 mg per deciliter (1106 to 630 mumol per liter) within 48 hours [9].
  • Similarly, the urinary excretion of these purine metabolites was reduced by bed rest [9].
  • During a period of bedrest deconditioning in humans, infusions of dobutamine maintain many of the physiologic expressions of physical conditioning [10].
  • The effects of intermittent infusions of dobutamine were studied in young normal male subjects during a period of bedrest deconditioning to determine whether this synthetic catechol affects physical conditioning processes in humans [10].
  • METHODS: The knees of 97 patients with persistent arthritis despite outpatient treatment with IA GCs (n = 113 knees), were treated with either IA (90)Y plus GCs (50%) or IA placebo yttrium plus GCs (50%), followed by 3 days of bed rest in the hospital clinic, with splinting of the treated knee [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bed Rest


Biological context of Bed Rest

  • A 24% decrease in nonoxidative leucine disappearance was seen in subjects assigned to the lower-protein diet, who had been on bed rest, but on the higher-protein diet, leucine kinetics were unchanged by bed rest [16].
  • Ibuprofen impaired the NO response to bed rest, producing a small rise in blood pressure [17].
  • Heart rate, epinephrine, and PRA responses to upright tilt after bed rest were increased (P < 0.05), despite the fluid load [18].
  • The timing of the peak in serum cytidine deaminase concentrations after a period of morning physiotherapy, but not during the bedrest morning, suggests that exercise accounts for the circadian rhythm, probably by increasing the lymphatic clearance from inflamed joints [19].
  • After bed rest, LBNP tolerance was reduced in 11 of 13 subjects (P <.023), HR was greater (P <.002), cardiac output was unchanged, and the ability to augment MSNA at high levels of LBNP was reduced (rate of rise for 30- to 60-mmHg LBNP before bed rest 0.073 bursts x min(-1) x mmHg(-1); after bed rest 0.035 bursts x min(-1) x mmHg(-1); P < 0.016) [20].

Anatomical context of Bed Rest


Associations of Bed Rest with chemical compounds

  • Serum levels of hyaluronan, antigenic keratan sulfate, matrix metalloproteinase 3, and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 1 change predictably in rheumatoid arthritis patients who have begun activity after a night of bed rest [26].
  • Prevention of hypercalciuria and stone-forming propensity during prolonged bedrest by alendronate [27].
  • Similarly, DPD increased significantly at the onset of bed rest, remained elevated for the duration of bed rest, and returned to pre-bed rest levels upon reambulation [28].
  • In contrast to SALP, serum osteocalcin (OC) began increasing the day preceding the increase in Hyp, remained elevated for the duration of the bed rest, and returned to pre-bed rest values within 5 days of reambulation [28].
  • Pamidronate (60 mg) was administered intravenously 14 days before bed rest [2].

Gene context of Bed Rest


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bed Rest

  • Using a model of bedrest immobilization, the ability of a potent aminobisphosphonate, alendronate, to avert hypercalciuria and stone-forming propensity was tested [27].
  • In a program of studies of disuse osteoporosis, fluoride balances were determined in healthy men during ambulation and then during bed rest for 6 to 17 wk [33].
  • After propranolol administration, tolerance to a maximal lower body negative pressure (LBNP) test after bed rest improved to at least the -70 mm Hg level; following this, there was a sharp decrease in tolerance time [34].
  • Because of a high 'placebo effect' of simple bed rest, a only small and short lasting additional effect of PMFT and high costs of a PMF-device, we cannot recommend PMFT as an additional feature of a multimodal neurological rehabilitation program in order to reduce fatigue level of MS-patients [35].
  • All patients were treated initially with bedrest, fluid resuscitation, extremity elevation, and systemic high-dose heparin therapy [36].


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