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The relationship of tamoxifen with dementia, depression, and dependence in activities of daily living in elderly nursing home residents.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the association between tamoxifen treatment and the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease, other dementias, depression, and the levels of dependence in activities of daily living (ADL) in elderly, nursing home residents. PARTICIPANTS: 93,031 women, at least 65 years old, whose data were part of the 1993 New York State MDS, and for whom there was documentation of treatment with at least one medication. SETTING: New York State long-term care facilities. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study via secondary analysis of 1,385 matched sets of residents. Each set included one resident who received tamoxifen treatment and up to four residents who did not. MEASUREMENTS: Included age, ethnicity, tamoxifen treatment, hormone replacement therapy, depression, levels of dependence in ADL and in cognitive skills for daily decision-making, and documentation of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. RESULTS: Women receiving tamoxifen were less likely to have a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease documented on the MDS (odds ratio: 0.674; 95% confidence interval: 0.551-0.823), were significantly more independent in bed mobility, eating, toileting (in each case P < 0.0001), personal hygiene (P = 0.0155), dressing (P = 0.0015), transferring (P = 0.0006), locomotion (P = 0.0016), and they had better cognitive skills for daily decision-making (P < 0.0001). They were, however, 42% more likely to have a MDS diagnosis of depression (P < 0.0001). All tests of statistical significance are two-sided. CONCLUSION: In this population, tamoxifen was associated with a higher level of independence in ADL and decision-making. While the MDS also suggested a relationship of tamoxifen with a lower prevalence of Alzheimer's disease, there seemed to be an increased prevalence of depression among treated women. The findings of this cross-sectional study could be evaluated in the randomized clinical trial that has just begun, and that will compare tamoxifen and raloxifene treatments.[1]


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