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Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • Using cross-sectional data, we classified the women into four groups according to their use of hormone-replacement therapy: current users of estrogen alone, current users of estrogen with progestin, nonusers who had formerly used these hormones, nonusers who had never used them [12].
  • OBJECTIVE: To identify the effects of raloxifene on markers of cardiovascular risk in postmenopausal women, and to compare them with those induced by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) [31].
  • This effect was seen as early as 12 weeks (median reduction in CRP with pravastatin, 14.7%; P<.001) and was present among all prespecified subgroups according to sex, age, smoking status, body mass index, baseline lipid levels, presence of diabetes, and use of aspirin or hormone replacement therapy [32].
  • Susceptibility to the breast cancer-enhancing effect of alcohol may also be affected by other dietary factors (such as low folate intake), lifestyle habits (such as use of hormone replacement therapy), or biological characteristics (such as tumor hormone receptor status) [33].
  • Monkeys were ovariectomized and divided randomly into two groups, one receiving 17 beta-estradiol and cyclic progesterone treatment (n = 9) and ovariectomized controls receiving no hormone replacement therapy (n = 8) [34].

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