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Saccharomyces cerevisiae BUB2 prevents mitotic exit in response to both spindle and kinetochore damage.

The spindle assembly checkpoint-mediated mitotic arrest depends on proteins that signal the presence of one or more unattached kinetochores and prevents the onset of anaphase in the presence of kinetochore or spindle damage. In the presence of either damage, bub2 cells initiate a preanaphase delay but do not maintain it. Inappropriate sister chromatid separation in nocodazole-treated bub2 cells is prevented when mitotic exit is blocked using a conditional tem1(c) mutant, indicating that the preanaphase failure in bub2 cells is a consequence of events downstream of TEM1 in the mitotic exit pathway. Using a conditional bub2(tsd) mutant, we demonstrate that the continuous presence of Bub2 protein is required for maintaining spindle damage-induced arrest. BUB2 is not required to maintain a DNA damage checkpoint arrest, revealing a specificity for spindle assembly checkpoint function. In a yeast two-hybrid assay and in vitro, Bub2 protein interacts with the septin protein Cdc3, which is essential for cytokinesis. These data support the view that the spindle assembly checkpoint encompasses regulation of distinct mitotic steps, including a MAD2-directed block to anaphase initiation and a BUB2-directed block to TEM1-dependent exit.[1]


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