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Churg-Strauss syndrome with perforating ulcers of the colon.

We report a case of a 72-year-old woman with Churg-Strauss syndrome, who presented with intestinal perforation. She has had bronchial asthma with peripheral blood eosinophilia for 30 years. Gross findings of a resected colon showed multiple ulcers with perforation. Histologic findings demonstrated transmural inflammation infiltrated with large numbers of eosionophils, neutrophils and lymphoplasma cells, and characteristic extravascular granuloma in the subserosa. There were multifocally-distributed transmural vasculitis showing all stages of activity in medium and small-sized arteries and veins located in the submucosa, and proper muscle and subserosal layers of the colon, some of which revealed granulomatous inflammation. Histologic finding of liver showed chronic viral hepatitis B with mild inflammatory activity and macronodular cirrhosis. Immunohistochemical findings, acid fuschin orange G staining and electromicroscope found no evidence of hepatitis B virus infection contributing to the pathogenesis of this lesion.[1]


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