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Local and systemic induction of two defense-related subtilisin-like protease promoters in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. Luciferin induction of PR gene expression.

Following a pathogenic attack, plants are able to mount a defense response with the coordinated activation of a battery of defense-related genes. In this study we have characterized the mode of expression of the P69B and P69C genes from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.), which encodes two closely related subtilisin-like proteases associated with the defense response. We have compared the mode of gene regulation in heterologous transgenic Arabidopsis plants harboring promoter-beta-glucuronidase (GUS) and promoter-luciferase (LUC) gene fusions for these two genes. These studies revealed that the P69B and P69C promoters are induced by salicylic acid as well as during the course of both a compatible and an incompatible interaction with Pseudomonas syringae. Furthermore, P69B and P69C expression takes place in both the local and the distal (noninoculated) leaves upon inoculation with bacteria but following different and unique tissue-specific patterns of expression that are also different to that described for most other classical PR genes. Also, we report that luciferin, the substrate for the reporter luciferase (LUC) gene, is able to activate expression of PR genes, and this may pose a problem when using this gene reporter system in studies related to plant defense.[1]


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