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Identification of CCAAT displacement protein (CDP/cut) as a locus-specific repressor of major histocompatibility complex gene expression in human tumor cells.

Human major histocompatibility (MHC) class I antigen expression is important in controlling the metastatic growth of malignant tumors. Locus-specific down-regulation of MHC class I gene expression is frequently observed in human tumors, leading to decreased susceptibility to cytotoxic T-cell-mediated lysis. The mechanism of this down-regulation is incompletely understood. Here, we describe the identification of human CCAAT displacement protein (CDP/ cut) as a locus-specific repressor of HLA-B and C gene expression. Transient and stable transfections in HeLa and K562 cells demonstrated the presence of a repressor element 650 base pairs upstream of the first exon of HLA-B7. A specific binding complex with the HLA-B7 and Cw2 repressor elements was demonstrated by EMSA. Formation of the EMSA complex was inhibited specifically with polyclonal antiserum to human CDP/cut, demonstrating that CDP/cut binds the HLA-B7 repressor element. The corresponding region of the HLA-A2 promoter neither repressed HLA-A2 gene expression nor bound CDP/cut. Overexpression of CDP/cut in cell lines deficient in CDP/cut resulted in a nearly 4-fold repression of reporter constructs containing the HLA-B7 repressor element but not the corresponding region of the HLA-A2 promoter. Repression of HLA-B and C gene expression by CDP/cut does not involve displacement of NF-Y, nor is CDP/cut associated with the histone deacetylase HDAC1 when bound to the HLA-B7 repressor element. To our knowledge, these results identify CDP/cut as the first example of a locus-specific repressor of MHC class I gene transcription in human tumor cells.[1]


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