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Murine mast cell lines as indicators of early events in mast cell and basophil development.

To study early events in mast cell / basophil development, the phenotype of a panel of murine cell lines at various stages of differentiation was determined. Based on the expression on various mast cell-specific proteases and several additional hematopoietic differentiation markers, the cell lines CFTL-15 and MCP5 / L were clearly identified as mast cells, although with a relatively immature phenotype. These two cell lines express the high-affinity IgE receptor alpha-chain, the mouse mast cell protease (MMCP)-5 and the carboxypeptidase A ( CPA). Bone marrow-derived mast cells and the transplantable mast cell tumor MTC were shown to express the IgE receptor alpha-chain, MMCP-5 and CPA, as well as the mast cell tryptase MMCP-6 and the chymase MMCP-4, a protease expressed only during late stages of mast cell differentiation. These two cell types thus display a more mature mast cell phenotype. In contrast, the cell lines P815 and 32D cl3 did not express any mast cell differentiation markers. Interestingly, the IC-2 cell line was shown to express several markers for immature mast cells and in addition MMCP-8, a serine protease which may represent a marker for mouse basophils. By antibody staining, almost all IC-2 cells were shown to express MMCP-8. This indicates that individual cells may simultaneously express both mast cell and basophil markers. Moreover, these findings suggest that an early branch point in hematopoietic development where mast cells and basophils have a common precursor cell may exist.[1]


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