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Gene Review

Mcpt4  -  mast cell protease 4

Mus musculus

Synonyms: MMCP-4, MMCP-4A, MMCP-4B, MSMCP, Mast cell protease 4, ...
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Disease relevance of Mcpt4


High impact information on Mcpt4

  • To gain insight into the biological role of mast cell chymase we have generated a mouse strain with a targeted deletion in the gene for mast cell protease 4 (mMCP-4), the mouse chymase that has the closest relationship to the human chymase in terms of tissue localization and functional properties [4].
  • The inactivation of mMCP-4 did not affect the storage of other mast cell proteases and did not affect the number of mast cells or the mast cell morphology [4].
  • Further, a role for mMCP-4 in connective tissue remodeling was suggested by the inability of mMCP-4 null peritoneal cells to process endogenous fibronectin [4].
  • However, mMCP-4 inactivation resulted in complete loss of chymotryptic activity in the peritoneum and in ear tissue, indicating that mMCP-4 is the main source of stored chymotrypsin-like protease activity at these sites [4].
  • The mMCP-4 null cells showed markedly impaired ability to perform inactivating cleavages of thrombin, indicating a role for mMCP-4 in regulating the extravascular coagulation system [4].

Biological context of Mcpt4


Anatomical context of Mcpt4


Associations of Mcpt4 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Mcpt4

  • Biochemical and immunological characterization of multiple glycoforms of mouse mast cell protease 1: comparison with an isolated murine serosal mast cell protease (MMCP-4) [13].
  • Evidence for at least two additional, but not so recent, exchanges was found in the 3' regions of the MMCP-4 and MMCP-L genes and in the 5' regions of the genes for MMCP-1 and MMCP-2 [14].
  • We compared the regulation mechanisms of another chymase, MMCP-4, with those of MMCP-5 and MMCP-6 [5].
  • MMCP-4 mRNA was not expressed in normal mouse intestine or in interleukin 3-dependent bone marrow-derived mast cells, which can serve as precursors to both MMC and CTMC [6].
  • The expression of MMCP-2, MMCP-4, and MMCP-6 was much greater in IC-2G559 and IC-2V814 cells than in the original IC-2 cells [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mcpt4


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