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Evaluation of neurodegeneration in scrapie-infected animals by selective methods that detect cellular degeneration.

Scrapie is a fatal neurodegenerative disease of sheep and goats. The precise details of neuronal and neurite degeneration in scrapie-infected animals remain unknown. Using specific silver staining methods, we compared the neurodegeneration caused by treatment of rats with kainic acid (KA) or ibogaine (IBO) to the neuropathology observed in mice infected with the C602 strain of scrapie. As reported previously, KA resulted in extensive silver labeling of neurons, especially in the cortex, putamen and hippocampus. IBO silver labeling was observed only in small clusters of Purkinje neurons in the paravermal region of the cerebellum. However, in scrapie-infected mice, a few silver stained neurons (differing from the dark degenerating neurons observed following neurotoxic exposure) were found in layer II of cortex, cingulate cortex, zona incerta, thalamus and hypothalamus. Some silver grains were observed in glial-like cells, especially those in the paraventricular region. Degenerating axons were positive for silver staining and were found in the cortex, cingulate cortex, corpus callosum, habenulae, septum, fornix, thalamus, caudate putamen and a few in fasciculus retroflexus and substantia nigra. Our results suggest that the limbic system is one of the important loci for the neurodegenerative effect of at least some scrapie strains.[1]


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