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Novel meiosis-specific isoform of mammalian SMC1.

Structural maintenance of chromosomes ( SMC) proteins fulfill pivotal roles in chromosome dynamics. In yeast, the SMC1- SMC3 heterodimer is required for meiotic sister chromatid cohesion and DNA recombination. Little is known, however, about mammalian SMC proteins in meiotic cells. We have identified a novel SMC protein ( SMC1beta), which-except for a unique, basic, DNA binding C-terminal motif-is highly homologous to SMC1 (which may now be called SMC1alpha) and is not present in the yeast genome. SMC1beta is specifically expressed in testes and coimmunoprecipitates with SMC3 from testis nuclear extracts, but not from a variety of somatic cells. This establishes for mammalian cells the concept of cell-type- and tissue-specific SMC protein isoforms. Analysis of testis sections and chromosome spreads of various stages of meiosis revealed localization of SMC1beta along the axial elements of synaptonemal complexes in prophase I. Most SMC1beta dissociates from the chromosome arms in late-pachytene-diplotene cells. However, SMC1beta, but not SMC1alpha, remains chromatin associated at the centromeres up to metaphase II. Thus, SMC1beta and not SMC1alpha is likely involved in maintaining cohesion between sister centromeres until anaphase II.[1]


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