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Comparative in vitro activity of ertapenem and 11 other antimicrobial agents against aerobic and anaerobic pathogens isolated from skin and soft tissue animal and human bite wound infections.

We studied the comparative in vitro activity of ertapenem, a new carbapenem, against 240 aerobic and 180 anaerobic recent clinical bite isolates using an agar dilution method and an inoculum of 10(4) cfu/spot for aerobes and 10(5) cfu/spot for anaerobes. Ertapenem inhibited 410/420 (98%) of the isolates tested at < or = 4 mg/L with only 4/5 Campylobacter gracilis and 1/3 Campylobacter rectus strains requiring . or = 16 mg/L for inhibition. Ertapenem was only moderately active (MIC 8 mg/L) against 4/6 Enterococcus faecalis and 1/11 Staphylococcus epidermidis strains. All Pasteurella multocida, Pasteurella septica, Pasteurella canis, Pasteurella dagmatis, Moraxella spp. and EF-4 isolates were inhibited at < or = 0.015 mg/L. MIC(90)s for other aerobic genera and species were as follows: Corynebacterium spp., 4 mg/L; Staphylococcus aureus, 0.25 mg/L; Staphylococcus epidermidis, 4 mg/L; other coagulasenegative staphylococci, 0.25 mg/L; Streptococcus milleri group, 0.5 mg/L; Eikenella corrodens, 0.03 mg/L; and Bergeyella zoohelcum, 0.5 mg/L. For anaerobes the range of MICs and MIC(90)s were: Prevotella ssp., < or = 0.015-0.5, 0.125 mg/L; Porphyromonas spp., < or = 0.015-0.03, 0.015 mg/L; Fusobacterium spp., 0.015-0.125, 0.03 mg/L; Bacteroides tectum, 0.03-0.125, 0.125 mg/L; and Peptostreptococcus spp., 0.01-2, 1 mg/L. Ertapenem showed excellent potency against the full range of animal and human bite wound pathogens.[1]


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