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BMP-7 gene transfer to inflamed ferret dental pulps.

In vivo and ex vivo gene transfer are being developed for localized skeletal regeneration. These strategies for tissue regeneration were tested in an adult ferret model of vital pulp therapy. In this model a reversible pulpitis was induced first. Then after 3 d, the pulps were directly infected with recombinant virus or implanted with ex vivo transduced autologous dermal fibroblasts. The genome of the recombinant adenovirus contained a full-length cDNA encoding mouse bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-7 (AdBMP7) or bacterial beta-galactosidase cDNA (AdlacZ). The BMP-7, but not lacZ, ex vivo transduced dermal fibroblasts induced reparative dentinogenesis with apparent regeneration of the dentin-pulp complex. In vivo infection with AdBMP-7 failed to produce reparative dentin in all cases. E. vivo gene transfer of BMP-7 may be an effective method for inducing dentin regeneration in teeth with reversible pulpitis.[1]


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