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MHC class I recognition by Ly49 natural killer cell receptors.

Natural killer (NK) cell function is regulated by NK receptors that bind either classical MHC class I (MHC-I) molecules or their structural relatives (MICA, RAE-1 and H-60). Two distinct families of NK receptors have been identified: the C-type lectin-like family ( Ly49, NKG2D and CD94/NKG2) and the immunoglobulin-like family (KIRs and LIRs). Here, we describe the crystal structure of the C-type lectin-like NK receptor (Ly49A), bound to its MHC-I ligand (H-2D(d)). We also discuss results from recent mutagenesis studies of the Ly49A/H-2D(d) interaction in the context of the complex structure.[1]


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