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Intranasal delivery of a truncated recombinant human SP-D is effective at down-regulating allergic hypersensitivity in mice sensitized to allergens of Aspergillus fumigatus.

C57BL/6 mice were sensitized to Aspergillus fumigatus 1-week culture filtrate, which is rich in the non-glycosylated allergen Asp f1, a major allergen in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). A comparison of the effect of treatment of allergen challenged mice by intranasal administration of a 60-kDa truncated recombinant form of human SP-D (rfhSP-D) or recombinant full length SP-A (rhSP-A) was undertaken. Treatment with rfhSP-D produced significant reduction in IgE, IgG1 and peripheral blood eosinophilia and treatment with rfhSP-D, but not rhSP-A resulted in a significant reduction in airway hyperresponsiveness as measured by whole body plethysmography. Lung histology revealed less peribronchial lymphocytic infiltration in mice treated with rfhSP-D. Intracellular cytokine staining of spleen homogenates showed increases in IL-12 and IFN-gamma and decrease in IL-4. The level of endogenous mouse SP-D was elevated sixfold in the lungs of sensitized mice and was not affected by treatment with rfhSP-D. Taken with our previous studies, with a BALB/c mouse model of ABPA using a 3-week A. fumigatus culture filtrate, the present results show that rfhSP-D can suppress the development of allergic symptoms in sensitized mice independent of genetic background and using a different preparation of A. fumigatus allergens.[1]


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