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The effects of sustained delivery of glucocorticoids on the adrenal gland of male rats.

The role of stress on the structural and functional capacity of multiple organs has not been well investigated. The objective of this investigation was to morphometrically evaluate the effect of sustained delivery of corticosteroids alone or in combination with selenomethionine (SE), by tricalcium phosphate (TCP) ceramic capsule, on the adrenals of adult male rats. Nine adult male rats were randomly divided into three equal groups. Control animals were not implanted, and thus served as the control group. Group I was implanted with TCP capsules loaded with 50-mg cortisol. Group II animals were also implanted with TCP capsules loaded with both 50-mg cortisol and selenomethionine, respectively. Surgical aseptic techniques performed following standard lab protocols. At the end of the experimental phase, the animals were euthanized and the adrenal glands were collected and weights were recorded. The retrieved adrenals were fixed, processed, embedded and sectioned (5 microns) following standard laboratory procedure. The sections were subjected to qualitative and quantitative evaluation using Image Pro Digital Analysis System. Data collected expressed in mean +/- SE and analyzed for statistical significance using analysis of variance. The results indicated that Group II animals had a significant increase in body weight compared to the control group. There was a slight increase in wet adrenal weights observed in the Group II animals compared to the control animals. Histopathological evaluation of the adrenal gland revealed a decreased in the zona fasciculata lengths in Group I, a slightly decrease in Group II, compared to the control group.[1]


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