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Zona Fasciculata

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Gene context of Zona Fasciculata

  • Inhibitory adenylyl cyclase 3 antibodies interfered with ACTH action only in the zona fasciculata [31].
  • In adrenal fasciculata cells, the glucocorticoid secretion is under the control of ACTH, which binds specifically MC2-R, the only functional melanocortin receptor described in these cells to date [32].
  • TGF-alpha expression was observed in the cells with increased steroidogenesis, including compact tumor cells and zona fasciculata cells with lipid depletion, but did not necessarily correlate with production sites of any specific steroid hormone [33].
  • Raised plasma and urinary levels of 11-deoxycortisol suggest that there is relative inefficiency of 11beta-hydroxylation in the zona fasciculata; the P450 enzyme responsible for this step is encoded by the gene CYP11B1, which is highly homologous with and adjacent to CYP11B2 [34].
  • The levels of expression of each isoform were similar between the two adrenocortical zones, except for adenylyl cyclase 5/6, which had a lower level of expression in the zona fasciculata [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zona Fasciculata


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