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Inhibitory activity of plant extracts on nitric oxide synthesis in LPS-activated macrophages.

Nitric oxide (NO) produced in large amounts by inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) is known to be responsible for the vasodilation and hypotension observed in septic shock and inflammation. Inhibitors of iNOS, thus, may be useful candidates for the treatment of inflammatory diseases accompanied by overproduction of NO. We prepared alcoholic extracts of woody plants and screened the inhibitory activity of NO production in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-activated macrophages after the treatment of these extracts. Among 83 kinds of plant extracts, 23 kinds of extracts showed potent inhibitory activity of NO production above 60% at the concentration of 80 micro g/ml. Some of potent extracts showed dose dependent inhibition of NO production of LPS-activated macrophages at the concentration of 80, 40, 20 micro g/ml. Especially, Artemisia iwayomogi, Machilus thunbergii, Populus davidiana and Populus maximowiczii showed the most potent inhibition (above 70%) at the concentration of 40 micro g/ml. Inhibitory activity of NO production was concentrated to nonpolar solvent fractions (ethyl ether and/or ethyl acetate soluble fractions) of Artemisia iwayomogi, Machilus thunbergii and Morus bombycis. These plants are promising candidates for the study of the activity-guided purification of active compounds and would be useful for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and endotoxemia accompanying overproduction of NO.[1]


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