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Atp10a, the mouse ortholog of the human imprinted ATP10A gene, escapes genomic imprinting.

The mouse Atp10a gene is located at the border of an imprinted domain distal to the p-locus on mouse chromosome 7. The localization of Atp10a neighboring the maternally expressed gene Ube3a in the imprinted domain and an unusual inheritance pattern of the obesity phenotype with a p-locus deletion have suggested that Atp10a might be imprinted and associated with body fat. Recently, its human ortholog, ATP10A, was identified as the second imprinted gene with maternal expression in the human chromosome 15q11-q13 imprinted domain. To elucidate the imprinting status of Atp10a, we performed expression analysis in various tissues from reciprocal crosses between C57BL/6 and PWK (divergent strains of Mus musculus) mice. The results revealed that Atp10a was biallelically expressed in all tissues examined. Furthermore, there was no differential methylation in the CpG island and no antisense transcripts of the gene. These findings suggest that the mouse Atp10a gene escapes genomic imprinting.[1]


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