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SCD1 is required for cytokinesis and polarized cell expansion in Arabidopsis thaliana [corrected].

In the leaf epidermis, guard mother cells undergo a stereotyped symmetric division to form the guard cells of stomata. We have identified a temperature-sensitive Arabidopsis mutant, stomatal cytokinesis-defective 1-1 (scd1-1), which affects this specialized division. At the non-permissive temperature, 22 degrees C, defective scd1-1 guard cells are binucleate, and the formation of their ventral cell walls is incomplete. Cytokinesis was also disrupted in other types of epidermal cells such as pavement cells. Further phenotypic analysis of scd1-1 indicated a role for SCD1 in seedling growth, root elongation and flower morphogenesis. More severe scd1 T-DNA insertion alleles (scd1-2 and scd1-3) markedly affect polar cell expansion, most notably in trichomes and root hairs. SCD1 is a unique gene in Arabidopsis that encodes a protein related to animal proteins that regulate intracellular protein transport and/or mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways. Consistent with a role for SCD1 in membrane trafficking, secretory vesicles were found to accumulate in cytokinesis-defective scd1 cells. In addition the scd1 mutant phenotype was enhanced by low doses of inhibitors of cell plate consolidation and vesicle secretion. We propose that SCD1 functions in polarized vesicle trafficking during plant cytokinesis and cell expansion.[1]


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