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Hormone receptors in non-malignant meningiomas correlate with apoptosis, cell proliferation and recurrence-free survival.

AIMS: A retrospective immunohistochemical and statistical analysis of patients with non-malignant meningiomas was undertaken to determine the correlation of steroid hormone receptor status with apoptosis, tumour cell proliferation, clinicopathological characteristics and prediction of recurrence. METHODS AND RESULTS: Paraffin sections from 51 primary intracranial totally resected benign and atypical meningiomas were immunohistochemically evaluated for the expression of progesterone (PR), oestrogen (ER) and androgen (AR) receptors, apoptotic rate, Bcl-2, p53 and Ki67 antigens. In addition to the above parameters, the mitotic index and the patients' clinicopathological data were statistically correlated and entered in a recurrence-free survival analysis. A high level of apoptotic cell death was associated with loss of PR expression by logistic regression analysis (P = 0.016). An inverse correlation existed between the mitotic index and PR counts (P = 0.009), while high Ki67 values correlated with increased ARs (P = 0.041). Atypical meningiomas had a lower ER staining score (P = 0.036). Multivariate analysis indicated that the absence of PR and large tumour size were significant factors for shorter disease-free intervals. CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that ER expression is lost or reduced in atypical meningiomas, whereas loss of PR expression is an indicator of increased apoptosis and early recurrence. PRs and ARs may also influence tumour cell proliferation.[1]


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