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Expression of complement components of the alternative pathway by glioma cell lines.

Glioma cell lines express proteins of the complement alternative pathway, namely C3, factor B, factor H, and factor I. Secretion of these proteins was shown by a sensitive and specific ELISA. C3 and factor H were rapidly secreted by glioma cell line CB193 and reached a concentration of 140 ng/ml/10(6) cells after 72 h of culture. Factor B and factor I were secreted at a lower rate and reached concentrations of 25 and 15 ng/ml/10(6) cells, respectively. Western blot and immunoprecipitation experiments showed that secreted proteins were identical to the corresponding plasma proteins. For factor H, besides the well known 150-kDa species, an additional polypeptide of 45 kDa with factor H immunoreactivity was observed. This species corresponded to the N-terminal truncated form found in plasma. In preliminary experiments, we observed control of these syntheses by cytokines. IL-1 beta significantly increased C3 secretion, with no effect on factor H. Secretion of factor H was enhanced by IFN-gamma. These results show that a glioma cell line could be a useful tool to study complement biosynthesis by glial cells in humans.[1]


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