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In vivo effects of tunicamycin on chondrocytes of rat mandibular condyles as revealed by lectin cytochemistry.

The in vivo effects of tunicamycin on the glycosylation of proteoglycans and link protein in rat mandibular condylar chondrocytes were studied by ultrastructural lectin histochemistry. The binding of wheat-germ agglutinin was shown by using anti-lectin antibody followed by protein A-gold complex. In normal rats, wheat-germ agglutinin labeling was restricted to trans cisternae and vacuoles of the Golgi complex, whereas it was observed in neither the cis region of the Golgi complex nor in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. By 3 h after the drug administration, wheat-germ agglutinin binding sites on the disorganized Golgi vacuoles were dramatically reduced in number. At 6 h after the drug administration, the lectin binding sites on the Golgi vacuoles were restored. These results demonstrate that the in vivo use of tunicamycin in combination with histochemical analysis using lectin probes is of significant value for the study of protein glycosylation in chondrocytes of the rat mandibular condyle.[1]


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