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Mandibular Condyle

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  • In conclusion, testosterone stimulates growth and local production of IGF-I and IGF-I-R in chondrocyte cell layers of an isolated organ culture of mice mandibular condyle [14].
  • The enhanced CTSB expression during the early stages of the enchondral ossification-like process in mandibular condyles in vitro suggests that CTSB participates in the degradation of cartilage matrix prior to the synthesis of bone matrix proteins [15].
  • In agreement with others, we believe that the only specific CT lesions of RA are erosions and cysts of the mandibular condyle, that there is no correlation between clinical and CT findings of TMJ in RA, and that the intensity of destructive lesions of TMJ on CT in RA is well correlated with the severity of the disease [16].
  • For example, compared to all other taxa, G. g. beringei has a significantly wider mandibular corpus and symphysis, larger area for the masseter muscle, higher mandibular ramus, and higher mandibular condyle relative to the occlusal plane of the mandible [17].
  • BACKGROUND: The objective of this study was to investigate the expression of matrilin-1 in arthritic articular cartilage of the mandibular condyle by means of immunohistochemical methods [18].

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