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Identification and characterization of PDZRN3 and PDZRN4 genes in silico.

NUMB and NUMBL are implicated in cell fate determination through the inhibition of Notch signaling. LNX, binding to NUMB and CXADR (CAR), functions as E3 ubiquitin ligase at least for NUMB. LNX is the paralog of PDZRN1 (PDZ domain containing RING finger 1). Here, we identified two novel homologs of LNX and PDZRN1 by using bioinformatics, which were designated PDZRN3 (LNX3 or SEMCAP3) and PDZRN4 (LNX4 or SAMCAP3L), respectively. KIAA1095 cDNA (AB029018) was the representative PDZRN3 cDNA. Complete coding sequence of PDZRN4 cDNA was determined by assembling nucleotide sequences of ESTs (BF059062 and AW297403), FLJ33777 cDNA (AK091096) and IMAGE5767589 cDNA (BC040922). PDZRN4 gene, consisting of 11 exons, was found to encode two isoforms with N-terminal divergence (PDZRN4 and PDZRN4S) due to an alternative promoter. PDZRN3-CNTN3 locus at human chromosome 3p13-p12.3 and PDZRN4-CNTN1 locus at human chromosome 12q12 were paralogous regions within the human genome. PDZRN3 (1066 aa) and PDZRN4 (1036 aa) showed 59.9% total-amino-acid identity. Two bipartite nuclear localization signals (NLS) were located within the C-terminal region of PDZRN3 and PDZRN4. PR34H1 and PR34H2 domains were identified as the regions conserved among PDZRN3, PDZRN4 and Drosophila CG1783. PDZRN3 and PDZRN4 consist of RING, two PDZ, PR34H1, PR34H2 domains and two NLS, while PDZRN1 and LNX consist of RING and four PDZ domains. PDZRN family proteins were classified into the LNX-PDZRN1 subfamily and the PDZRN3-PDZRN4 subfamily. This is the first report on the PDZRN3 and PDZRN4 genes.[1]


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