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Gene Review

LNX1  -  ligand of numb-protein X 1, E3 ubiquitin...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase LNX, LNX, Ligand of Numb-protein X 1, MPDZ, Numb-binding protein 1, ...
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Disease relevance of LNX1

  • Thus, LNX might act as a diagnostic marker and a potential therapeutic target for glioma [1].
  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to assess the survival experience following systematic lymphadenectomy (LNX) in conjunction with primary but optimal cytoreductive surgery in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer (OC) patients when followed by intensive chemotherapy [2].
  • Group D (n = 16), TAH, BSO, OMTX, LNX with maximal efforts made to reduce the size of the residual tumor to less than 2 cm at the primary surgery followed by "high dose" CAP therapy [3].

High impact information on LNX1


Biological context of LNX1


Anatomical context of LNX1


Associations of LNX1 with chemical compounds

  • CAST and LNX were further colocalized with each other in a heterologous expression system, in which LNX was recruited to a Triton X-insoluble structure [9].

Physical interactions of LNX1


Other interactions of LNX1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LNX1

  • In situ hybridization analysis revealed that LNX was lowly expressed in cytoplasm of glioma cells [1].
  • The co-immunoprecipitation results suggested that LNX interacted with SKIP in HEK293 cells [1].
  • It showed that human LNX was downregulated in 100% of gliomas including low- and high-grade ones, which was confirmed by Northern blot [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results show that LNX might be of benefit in patients who have optimal primary cytoreductive surgery and who do not respond to platinum-based chemotherapy [2].
  • Group C (n = 13) received TAH, BSO and OMTX at the primary operation and paraaortic and pelvic lymphadenectomy (LNX) at the second look operation (SLO) with "high dose" CAP therapy as did Group B [3].


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